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Dating Tips – How to Really Impress Her

By March 28, 2017 Blog No Comments

Attractive brunette lady posing in red lingerie, looking at came

So, you’ve managed to get into a relationship with a mature lady and she has agreed to meet up with you. It’s your first date together – you hope one of many! And you have a knot in your stomach when you think about meeting her. That’s how excited you are! She is gorgeous and cute, and funny. You can’t wait to see how she is in person. Let’s not jump the gun though and go into your first date unprepared. Here are some tips to help you and help the affair dating run smoothly.

Details, Details, Details. Don’t overlook the important stuff. Do you look clean? Have you dressed well. Is your personal hygiene in check? Are your clothes washed and pressed? While this might seem obvious, women are really cautious in the kind of men they date. They want to go out with someone who would add to their image as a woman – someone who exudes an image of manliness, strength and wit. They do not want to go out with someone who looks like a dirty old man. Remember those first impressions last. Keep those ideas into mind when preparing yourself for that precious first date. At this point, the goal is to create a lasting impression on the girl so that she is interested into going on another date with you.

Don’t get left at the starting line!

Are Your Finances in Check It is custom that when you invite someone on a date that you are expected to pay the bill. This includes any costs and expenses throughout the date. So what’s your budget range? How much are you willing to spend? How far are you willing to go? These are the questions to consider. It is unwise and careless to ask a woman where to go and allow yourself the regret that comes after paying those courses in that five-star restaurant. Given this, it is still considerably gentlemanly to ask for a recommendation from the girl or from a local or a friend for nice places to go out on a date. Don’t try and over impress her, then end up looking like a fool when you can’t afford the bill!

Learn Her Culture and Language It is considered thoughtful and impressive by any woman that the man she is dating is well-versed in her culture and language, but this is even more so when you come from a different country to her. So, no matter how long you have spent there, invest a bit of time in learning at least some of her culture and customs, and if you have time, her language. It gives you the distinction of being cultured and sophisticated. Plus points will go to you if you know more than the usual survival or basic phrases. Even more points if you know how to behave with your woman in public. For you to know these cultural norms do a little research before you go on your trip. If you are in a hurry, the basics are enough to leave a lasting impression.

Keep up the Correspondence If you are happy with how the date went and you think you might be in with a chance of a more long lasting relationship. Offer some form of correspondence over a period of time. This will allow you both to get to know each other more, and if she wants to see you some more, you’re a lucky man! Congratulations, you have just earned another date with a lady and have opened up the prospect to a long-standing relationship.

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