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How to Have Difficult Conversations About Sex

By May 10, 2017 Blog No Comments

Having an Affair

Sex is fun and exhilarating, but because it is so wonderfully drug-like, we don’t always make good choices when it comes to having in affair. Sooner or later, many of us find ourselves in an unenviable position. We know that we have to tell our significant other, or latest five tricks that we may have given them something beyond wild nights of passion. Or, we decide we may need to confess to that one-off fling. Or we just might be feeling incredibly unskilled at our latest attempt to procure sex, unpaid or otherwise.

Gratefully, there are Internet sites that will help.

If you had an affair and are contemplating telling your significant other – or in any way involved in an affair situation – the best site I’ve found is While there are a ton of sites out there that deal with affairs, this one has a number of factors the others don’t. For starters, it not only provides information for the married/committed partner who had/has the affair, but also for the other man or woman – something most other sites never address. It also brings a more realistic approach to handling the emotionally explosive aftermath of an affair, acknowledging that the offended spouse or partner may not be entirely guilt-free, and refusing to put them on a pedestal (nor put the other parties in the lower depths of hell necessarily). But don’t think this is an affairs-are-OK web site. It most clearly is not. Rather, it takes a non-judgmental approach, in the hopes of healing everyone involved.

Of course, sometimes, our sexual problems aren’t nearly so big. (And aren’t we all glad of that?) Sometimes, it’s just the sinking feeling you get when you realize you are not a porn star, you don’t look like a porn star, women/men/whoever are not throwing themselves at your feet, and nothing really works like it does in the movies, particularly when it comes to getting sex, having sex, and enjoying sex. Never again will you believe that your sexual failures are something that happens to you and you alone. And even if your sex life is booming, the articles are just hysterically funny. Period.